Illuminating Live Evictions at Celebrity Big Brother


Aurora Lighting are pleased to have supported Lighting Director Gurdip Mahal, on the latest run of live eviction shows at the Celebrity Big Brother House. 

Complementing the installation’s glitzy, bright neon backdrop, Aurora have delivered a comprehensive ‘live event’ package to assist in delivering the suitably vibrant spectacle that accompanies the departure of the latest housemate to be voted out of the CBB House. 

Held in the custom built ‘eviction arena’, sited adjacent to the infamous Big Brother House at Elstree Studios, the evictions take place against a grand curved video wall and feature a heady mix of theatrical and full on rockshow lighting looks.

Working with Gaffer Richard Shout, Aurora have once again supplied the crew with a range of fixtures to help create the spectacle, complete with intense colour washes and overhead searchlight effects.

In building the look for the show, Martin MAC Auras provide their powerful wash across the set, whilst the ever-popular, versatile Clay Paky Mythos adds an extra dash of colour and movement. A number of Novalight Super Novas are sited above the stage, delivering the crisp aerial beam effects above the eviction arena.

Keeping the housemates properly in the spotlight, Robert Juliat ‘Victor’ followspots have been incorporated into the design; perfect for focusing on the celebrity guests as they descend the exit stairway.

Commenting on the show, Aurora Project Manager Ben Taylor says “With it’s live broadcast, exterior sets and a huge audience following Celebrity Big Brother is always exciting on a number of levels. Gurdip and the team at Elstree have once again created a stunning look for the show, complete with all the colourful glamour we’ve come to expect from Big Brother.”