Aurora back on board with Alan Carr Chatty Man


Aurora back on board for the new series with Alan Carr Chatty Man 

Aurora Lighting Hire are proud to be working alongside Lighting Director Chris Rigby as the award winning Chatty Man returns with another golden sofa full of celebrity guests.

Now in it’s 16th series the show continues to be recorded live in front of a studio audience at the ITV London Studios and features a flexible lighting installation, easily adaptable between interview, comedy skits and cutting edge musical performances.

Aurora have once again provided Chris with and array of fixtures, including Martin Aura Wash units used to illuminate the guest sofa area and provide additional wash across the set flats. The LD is also making good use of an extensive LED package that has been incorporated throughout the set, with Pulsar Chromabatten 300 and Chromastrip X3s used to full effect, perfectly complimenting the glamorous look of the show.

To highlight the action on the performance stage, Martin Viper Profiles with their the high output, uniform illumination are paired with the intense razor sharp beam capabilities of the Rush MH3 to allow for an almost infinite variety of moods to be created - versatility is key to ensure the right look and feel can be easily dialed in to suit the diverse line up of featured artists.

Commenting on the production, Aurora Managing Director Nick Edwards says “It’s an absolute pleasure to once again be supporting Chris and the entire Chatty Man crew. We have enjoyed a number of years working together on the show and the team have continually kept things looking fresh, creative and interesting both on camera and off!”

Alan Car Chatty Man airs Thursday at 10pm - Channel 4.